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Saturday, September 28, 2013

Fight Flaky Dry Skin

While the changing of the seasons from summer into fall feels great, it can be stressful to our skin. Sometimes moisturizer alone just doesn't cut it. If you've been noticing dry, flaky patches on your face (probably in the t-zone) don't worry. You're not alone! And, thankfully, it's a fairly easy fix. 

Here's what you'll need:

1. Your favorite facial cleanser
2. An exfoliating sponge like the one I found at CVS. 
3. A good moisturizer. (A night cream works well)

As you may have guessed, you're going to wash your face with your cleanser and rinse with warm water. Using your hands is fine for this step. 

Once your face is clean, wet your exfoliating sponge, add some cleanser to it and buff lightly in circles in your face. There's no need to be rough. You just want to go over the forehead, cheeks, nose and chin to increase the circulation and remove some dead skin cells. Avoid your eye area, as the skin there is the most delicate. 

Once you've rinsed and dried your face, apply your moisturizer. I prefer to do this in the evenings, so my face has a chance to rest and soak up the moisturizer before I put it through the paces with makeup again. 

You'll probably already notice a smoothness to your skin, but the next morning it will be even better. 

Try this once or twice a week, and say goodbye to patchy dry skin for good! Your makeup will look fresher and your skin will be radiant. 

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