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Monday, November 28, 2011

Who's Got The Time?

I don't know about you, but it's that time of year when there's so much going on, with family and work and decorating and parties, I need to stretch a minute anywhere I can. And if you have to wash your hair everyday like I do, you know how much time that takes. So every now and then I cheat to save some time and use a dry shampoo from Oscar Blandi.

If you haven't tried a dry shampoo, or it's been awhile since you last did, you have got to get this and try it for yourself. It comes in two varieties, a powder and a spray can. I prefer the powder, but they both do the job, and it's really very simple.

Just squeeze a little of the powder into your hair at the roots, and then brush like crazy with a natural hair brush, which will disperse the powder better and keep you from having a white scalp while the oil absorbing particles go to work giving you the illusion of clean hair almost instantly. Same process with the spray. Bonus - they actually give your hair some volume at the same time, so hair doesn't look limp and flat.

This will save upwards of half an hour in your beauty routine, when you're pressed for time. I won't go out of town without it!

Pick yours up at any ULTA store or  A small bottle is just $11, and it will last you through many many treatments!

Stila Dream in Full Color Palette Winner

As promised, I have chosen a winner at random from the comments left here during the period specified.

I am happy to announce the winner is Shaashii from you can check her blog for lots of other fun giveaways from all over the web.

Shaashii, just email me at with your address and I will get this out to you soon! I hope you enjoy!

Now who's ready for the next awesome giveaway? Don't go anywhere, it's coming up next!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Let's Get Pro Active!

Acne happens. Let's face it. Whether you're a teenager or a new mom or somewhere in between, it's likely to happen at some point. And there are so many products to choose from - it's overwhelming.

One line I have recently been introduced to, and really like is Proactiv. My only experience with the line was what I've seen on TV, but they have a full line of acne solutions in addition to the infomercial products.

There are a few that really stood out as hero products and solutions to make acne disappear quickly. First, I love the Advanced Blemish Treatment. It's great if you have just one or two little blemishes that you want to dry up quickly, and it's small enough to fit in the tiniest purse or pocket. I have several to keep one handy all the time.
Another thing I really like is the Clear Skin Body Pads. I mean we all know that acne isn't limited to your face, and these pads are designed to have more weight to them, so they can tackle cleaning your chest or shoulder or back with ease. They kind of feel as though they are exfoliating pads so you get a really clean feel from them. When used morning and night, they are super quick to clear up acne and do not irritate or over-dry skin out.

I'm really bad about taking my makeup off at night. I think about it, but I hate doing it. The Makeup Removing Cloths make makeup removal tolerable. These pre-moistened wipes easily remove makeup (including eye makeup), leaving face feeling clean and fresh. It may not be a perfect solution, but it's better than going to bed with full makeup on, right?

Ok, so where to buy? I have heard there are kiosks in the mall that sell Proactiv - but I have yet to see on with my own eyes. Best bet, visit to get the products that fit best into your life to keep you acne-free!

Do you have a tried and tested anti-acne product that you love? If so, I'd love to hear about it!

There's still time to win the Stila Dream in Full Color Palette. Just follow this blog and leave me a comment before November 28th! It's easy to do and takes just a minute. The link to follow is on the right hand side of the page.

Monday, November 21, 2011

Dream in Full Color: New Giveaway!

Don't you just love playing around with eye makeup and finding new looks? I do! That's why I'm especially excited to share Stila's holiday Dream in Full Color palette with you.

Check it out! This pretty round palette includes 29 eye shadow colors, and along the outside edge, 7 gorgeous cheek colors! Also included is the Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner in Stingray.

And this is no tiny palette - it's about 5.5 inches wide, so there's no shortage of colors and you will be able to create hundreds of looks with all of these colors. Of the 29 colors, only 4 are shimmer free, so your looks will really sparkle this season.

The cheek colors range from a light dusty pink to a deep mauve and will suit many different skin tones. Still unsure about which colors to use together, or what might look best on you? The great people at Stila thought of that, and included a 16 page lookbook with directions on how to put an eye together and even which blush works best with which eye. Genius!

At a $366 dollar value, I am happy to announce that I've been given an extra that I can now give away to a lucky reader!

What do you have to do to qualify to win? It's simple! Sign up to follow my blog and leave me a comment anytime between now and November 28th! I will choose a winner than night who will receive their very own Stila Dream in Full Color Palette for the holidays!

Monday, November 14, 2011

In Honor of The Young & The Restless: Jabot

Yeah, I admit it. I'm a closet soap fan. I'm addicted to the uber-drama of the daytime world. It's my respite from the real world, my guilty pleasure and reminds me of my childhood, as many people in my family regularly watched CBS soaps.

If you are a Young & The Restless fan, then I don't need to introduce you to Jabot Cosmetics - the line speaks for itself.

If you're not a soap fan, then Jabot Cosmetics may be new to you and I am happy to introduce you to a line that is near and dear to my heart. It's conception was born on the show, and now, some 20 years later, a real line has been developed and promoted and launched simultaneously on the daytime drama and in real life on HSN.

I had to try it. It became my mission. I worked and worked to get information on this line and my persistence paid off! A package arrived filled with some of my favorite things!

Enter the Jabot Lasting Performance Foundation. Available in 5 shades from Fair to Deep Mocha, this foundation goes on evenly and sticks around all day - I love long wearing foundation! There's not much worse than foundation that slides off your face before the day is over.

Want to pick some up to try for yourself? Visit HSN or or now you can visit your local ULTA store to try out this iconic brand.

Congratulations to our first giveaway winner, Holly Havens! She won the Urban Decay set of mini nail polishes!

We have more giveaways coming up, so stay tuned and follow me on this journey!

No Flaking, Smudging or Running Allowed!

I'm really picky when it comes to mascara. I won't wear it if it flakes, smudges, runs or is too difficult to remove.

I've compiled a list of mascaras that over the years, I've used and adored. So here they are!

Rimmel Day 2 Night Mascara is awesome. I love this mascara because it has two ways to apply it - either for length or volume. It gives you some options, while still being economical. Typically available at drugstores or
Stila Glamoureyes Mascara gives you the look of falsies, but they're all your own! The brush is a little different, with several layers so you don't get the clumping when applying that is so annoying and the polymer that's in the formula makes lashes look so amazing and long.
LancĂ´me DĂ©finicils Precious Cells is your HD mascara, also dubbed as the first caring mascara. It, too, has a uniquely shaped brush that keeps lashes from clumping and a plant extract that actually improves the condition of lashes, making them stronger and densified, so they look healthier.
Need big fat lashes? Also need waterproof formula? Then check out Rimmel's Max Volume Mascara in waterproof. Formula is full of collagen, which thickens lashes and the brush is gigantic, helping you reach every single lash. Keratin helps lashes look healthy and shiny so you can go from thin to fat in 10 seconds. Where else is that going to sound good??
Last but not least is Makeup For Ever's Aqua Smoky Lash. This is waterproof, too! Also available in regular, but I like the waterproof version. What's great about this is the deep pigment. It's a rich black that makes lashes appear darker, while the dense brush gets lashes from root to tip.

Enjoy experimenting with some new mascaras and let me know your favorites. I'm sure there will be lots more mascara roundups to come!

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Follow This Blog

Hi Friends!

It's so much fun sharing my favorite beauty tips and secrets with you. And I love hearing from you all! Go ahead and sign up to follow my blog as I'm going to be doing some really fun giveaways over the next month and you won't want to miss out!

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Just 6 more days to enter to win this giveaway on November 18th, but there's so much more than that. I've got super sneak peeks of new items you'll want for winter and spring, so don't miss out. It just takes a minute to sign up! Click here and you can go right to the sign up page! Now, on with the sharing!

Beam me Bronze!

Sun Beam
Benefit Cosmetics has a new product in the Beam line arriving soon - Sun Beam. It's like sun in a bottle.

This bronze complexion highlighter goes to work immediately, giving you a natural, sun-kissed glow. It's not orangey at all - it's more like a golden highlighter. The great thing is, its a liquid and you can use it right over your foundation!

Look for Sun Beam at or at your local Benefit counter next month and let me know how you like it!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

At Ease

It happens to all of us. It does. And it's never fun. You wake up one morning and have a blemish front and center. Egads! What to do?!

Hopefully, you will have the Tarte Cosmetics At Ease Micronized Clay Calming Concealer at hand. See, this product does double duty. With a yellow-based concealer cream on top, you can cover any red blemishes easily (the yellow helps neutralize the redness) and with the powder on the bottom, you can easily set the concealer so it stays in place as long as you need it to. Bonus, the cap has a mirror, so this product, though small in size, packs a gigantic punch. Easily throw this in your purse, or makeup bag and you're set to fight blemishes whenever they might pop up.

Now go stock up before your next outbreak!

$30 and

Give It Away!

Are you all as excited as I am?

Brett knows Beauty has partnered with Atlanta Social Season Magazine and Urban Decay Cosmetics to bring you my first ever blog giveaway!

You have from now, until November 18th (that's over a week!) to complete a few, quick tasks and be entered to win.

"So what do I have to do?", you ask. It's easy! Simply become a follower on Brett Knows Beauty, and leave a comment on one of the upcoming posts. That will get you entered to win one of my most favorite holiday goodies - The Urban Decay Nail Polish Sampler.

With jewel tones and sophisticated neutrals you can rock out and captivate the room this holiday in style. With fun names like Hot Mess (also my personal favorite), Wrecked, Gunmetal, Mars and Ziggy, they've pulled their best sellers and combined them into one awesome set. And it can be yours!

If you're unfamiliar with this brand, it's a great way to try it out and see how you like it. If you're already familiar with Urban Decay, then you know how innovative, fun and inspiring this line is! So what are you waiting for? Follow, comment, win!