Ole Henriksen

Sunday, October 23, 2011

No Oil Slicks Here!

Clini-Matte Oil Control SPF 20
I get tired of having to reapply powder to my shiny face all day, which is why I cried tears of joy when I found out about Peter Thomas Roth's Clini-Matte lotion. It stops the shine, lightly moisturizes and has an added SPF 20 to keep my skin protected from the sun.

But does it work? It does! Applied in the morning before makeup Clini-Matte does it job undercover all day, keeping your face looking fresh, not frightful. And keeping you from having to reapply powder all day long.

Pair this with some long-wearing makeup and you'll be set all day or all night. Clini-Matte Oil Control, $48

Friday, October 21, 2011

Lip Service

It's officially fall. I know it because both the calendar and my lips told me. With the cooler temperatures, my lips need extra hydration to keep from cracking and looking like a hot mess. My new secret weapon I stole from the boys. Jack Black (not the actor) is a line of men's products that are phenomenal, and their lip balm is no exception.

Made with luxurious conditioners and packed full of antioxidants, it feels soft and smooth going on and not like Chapstick at all. He will love it because it's packaged in blue & black and looks masculine, isn't shiny, glossy or goopy - and you'll steal it from him because it works like a charm.

In interesting and unique flavors like Lemon & Chamomile, Grapefruit & Ginger or Lavender Vanilla, why not go all out and try the mini set that includes 5 flavors - then you don't have to share!

Lip Service set, $30

Just A Little Blanched

While I was blessed as a teen to have not struggled with acne, over the last ten years or so, I have had my fair share of breakouts and blemishes. Whether due to hormones, crashing at night without removing your makeup or just plain bad luck, it happens.

Most of the time they go just as easily as they appeared - quickly and without much effort. But once in awhile you get a blemish that remains past it's welcome (Let's be honest, it was never really welcome to begin with, was it?) In these cases you can be left with a red or dark colored mark on your skin. No good.

While it's not necessary to slather yourself in hydroquinon​e (the skin bleaching agent Michael Jackson was rumored to have used), it can be helpful to have a tool that helps the skin return back to its natural state.

Enter RéVive's Blanche Lighten Whiten. Yes, it's pricey, so prepare yourself An ounce will set you back $400. But, applied twice daily, this light feeling cream lightens and fades spots from acne, sun damage and even the dreaded age spots. It won't happen overnight, but you will notice a difference in just a few short weeks.

Want to try it for yourself? order directly from or visit your local Neiman Marcus store, as they sometimes offer samples and you can try several products from the line.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bit of Bronzer

Mineral Bronzing Powder from Tarte
Now that we're entering fall and the bronziness of summer is beginning to fade, don't run to the tanning bed - yet!

Tarte Cosmetics has an amazing Mineral bronzing Powder that can help you keep your summer glow without wreaking havoc on your delicate skin.

Available in two shades - Park Avenue Princess (the one I wear) or a darker shade, Hotel Heiress.

I love this product so much because it doesn't clog my pores or make be breakout (and I have very sensitive skin), yet it works and looks natural on so many skin tones.

Best trick - use a fan brush to sweep the bronzer on the places the sun would normally hit - forehead, bridge of nose, cheekbones. The fan brush will keep the application light so you look as thought you've had a little warmth, not played in the dirt.

Want to make it yours for $29? Visit

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Eyeliner that Stays

24/7 set in Electric
I know you know what I'm talking about. You find the perfectly shaded liner, it glides on like silk and makes your eyes look amazing - and then real life happens and by the end of the day you look like a sad raccoon. No more sad raccoon faces!

Meet Urban Decay's 24/7 Glide On Eye-Pencils. They come in sets of two, which at $15 is a great deal, but it's Holiday time, so they're offering sets of 24/7 liner  in two sets of 5! You can pick either the electric set (which has some pretty funky colors included) or the Naked set, which contains all your basic neutrals. Never will you want for another waterproof liner.

24/7 set in Naked
I myself, chose the Naked set, which includes all the shades I'll ever need to create any smokey look I might ever want. And at $32, it's like you're getting one for free!

You can pick these up at now until they're sold out.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Dermablend, Dermawonder

I've loved Dermablend products for years. They cover amazingly. And trust me I know, as growing up I had a nasty scar on my face that I tried to keep covered up. Thankfully, I was able to have some scar tissue removed, and you can barely see it now. But Dermablend isn't just for faces anymore! This Leg and Body cover can do amazing things. It can cover varicose veins, tattoos, uneven skin tones, bruises, scars and burns.

Dermablend Leg & Body Cover, $27
And it doesn't rub off on your clothes or anyone else's clothes. It lasts all day or all night, helping you put your best body forward.

With my upcoming wedding, you can bet I will be using this to make sure my skin looks perfect.
Although you can get it straight from www,, I would recommend actually going to their store/counter and let them find your perfect shade for your skin. They offer 14 shades, so women from all walks of life are sure to find a color that suits them perfectly.