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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Travel Lightly

Traveling can be a pain these days with so many rules to follow from the TSA. And let's not forget how many airlines charge you for checking even your first bag. How awful is it to have to check a bag at the last minute or have to throw one of your favorite products out? If you're like me, there's at least one splurge item in your beauty routine and it would hurt to have to leave it behind.

I've got some easy tips for making your travel light and hassle free.

First, I started with the Makeup Matte. It's a great holder for brushes and other things like blushes, lipsticks and shadows. It rolls up and is easily thrown into your carry on bag.

Next, is shampoo and conditioner. But Brett, you say, the hotels generally have shampoo and conditioner in the rooms. And while that's true, I would rather have my own and have enough for my long hair. So I took a small travel bottle, poured my shampoo into it and gave it a label. I didn't have another bottle for conditioner, but I had lots of samples of good conditioners that I could make good use of. (Same goes for the LA Fresh makeup remover pads in the first image.)

Foundation is an easy one, because most bottles fall within the 3-4 oz allowance for carry on. I guess I'm just taking the moment to let you know how much I love Make Up For Ever's HD Foundation. (Did you know you can go to Sephora and they can match your skin with a foundation using a scanner? Pretty awesome technology).

Again, I know they have body wash and lotion, but I like the scents I use at home. So, by pulling from my travel sizes, I can continue to smell like myself no matter where I go. (Sorry guys, but this Dark Kiss from Bath & Body Works has been discontinued. Bummer.)

I know Molton Brown makes some small sizes as well and they smell delicious and luxurious. It's all about what you're used to or comfortable with.

And of course I have to brag on my all-time favorite brand of moisturizer and serum: AHAVA. The Time to Hydrate gel moisturizer is fantastic. It hydrates just enough without leaving your face all greasy. And the Dead Sea Osmotor serum has kept my face looking wrinkle free and smooth. I adore both and they're both TSA approved to go in my carry on. YAY!

Last, but not least, I need a sunscreen that will pass, and Goldfaden's Sun Visor is the perfect solution. It has a non aerosol spray and it's  the perfect size. (and SPF 30)
Don't forget to put all your liquids into a quart-sized Ziplock bag for easy inspection! And enjoy that trip!

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