Ole Henriksen

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Scream Worthy Salon Experiences

How do you handle leaving the salon looking nothing like you'd hoped? The color is no where close to they picture you discussed - the style is laughable.

How do cope?

First, check your hair out in natural light - those salon lights are better for working, not for showing your true color. Step out into the sun. You'll be surprised how different the color looks in natural lighting.

As far as the cut & style: while you can't reattach hair that's already been cut, you CAN go home and style your hair yourself. I cannot tell you how often I have left the salon and went straight home to style my hair myself. And that's OK!

But if you still aren't happy with your color or your cut after a day or so, go back! Let them make it right - it is they job and most take pride in their work. They want you to be happy!

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