Ole Henriksen

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Primer Worth Time and Money

So it took me awhile to buy into the whole Primer phase. I use a moisturizer everyday and I didn't honestly believe a primer would make that much of a difference. I was wrong!

I tried Global Goddess Beauty's Upgrade Complexion Face Primer and Holy Cow! It certainly did upgrade my complexion! With a hint of pearlescent pigments, Upgrade Face Primer evens out complexion and protects skin with luxurious vitamins A and E.

The best thing is that ANYONE can use this product, your skin coloring is irrelevant. It brightens and smooths and for me, helped my makeup last longer without sliding off. And let's face it, ladies. Anything to help prolong makeup is a plus in my book.

Get yours today at They always have great deals on shipping and wonderful freebies, too! Now it's easier than ever to look and feel like a Goddess!

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